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Screen Shot 2017 08 21 at 2.15.16 PMThe reality ΣΑΚΙΔΙΑ ΠΛΑΤΗΣ BYBLOS of the matter is that most of Leatherology's line costs about half of what you 'd anticipate to spend for another trademark name's leather bag. Leatherology

Buying a new leather bag doesn't have to include a journey to the department store and a 50% markup for the trademark name sewed into an interior pocket.

Until just recently, however, that's how I 'd always done it-- conserving up for a while so I could spend lavishly on a brand-new leather bag that I would definitely utilize enough to validate the expense.

Their $400 cost was ultimately converted to pennies a day over time, but that's not truly the point.


If you can get the exact same value for half the expense, why would you pay more?

Unless you care about brand names-- and I need to confess that I don't-- purchasing leather the conventional way doesn't make much sense, and yet I can comprehend why fewer individuals have taken their handbag searches online than you may believe.

Leather is a product you can evaluate just by holding it in your hand. It's also something that specific tradition brands are well-known for. This puts more recent, digitally-native business at a disadvantage since you can't attempt prior to you purchase and there isn't a well-earned reputation to draw on.

This implies that individuals like me are less most likely to gamble on the brand-new kid and most likely to invest a little more just to be sure we're getting something well-crafted.

However if you desire quality leather in lots of fantastic colors and timeless shapes-- plus the easy choice of monogramming-- you definitely require to understand about Leatherology. I have actually told my sibling, my mom, and would gladly tell complete strangers on the subway.

You'll still be spending a good piece of money at Leatherology if you desire a decent-sized bag, but it's tough to beat the value for your money.

Screen Shot 2017 08 21 at 2.13.46 PM Leatherology Instagram

You can spend just $35 on a leather Long Crossbody Phone Pocket for taking a trip or minimalist nights out, or $300 on a truly nice leather duffel bag to travel with; if you want to add an individual touch, monogramming starts at $10. The fact of the matter is that most of Leatherology's line costs about half of what you 'd expect to spend for a leather bag.

And while the rates are incredible, it's likewise worth keeping in mind simply how far Leatherology has actually expanded. The brand name has male and female options and stocks everything from luggage tags to laptop bags, all the way to crossbodies and totes.

I've been utilizing the Addison cross body bag for about a month now, and the leather is buttery soft with pockets that are wisely created to keep the fundamentals available and my wallet safe.

leading landing page level 1 handbagsIf you want to add an individual touch to a bag or wallet, monogramming starts at $10. Leatherology

So how does Leatherology make terrific products for about 50% less than what your local department store is charging you?

They keep all business functions in-house, so they can control quality across the board and develop and adjust faster and much better. When a customer provides product suggestions to customer care, that recommendation http://query.nytimes.com/search/sitesearch/?action=click&contentCollection&region=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/ΤΣΑΝΤΕΣ BYBLOS goes straight to designers. It's because of consumer feedback like this that there's a left-handed padfolio and a longer strap on the Long Crossbody Phone Pocket-- customers are a part of this massive feedback loop, so innovation takes place faster and more effectively.

There's no standard 50% markup or premium put on a brand (costs that get added to your bill without including quality to your product).

Like using one huge cookie-cutter shape and a smaller sized one right next to it, Leatherology purposely develops designs with small patterns that can be cut together with larger patterns, so they waste less leather. Those cost savings are passed onto you.

Because of a direct-to-consumer design, they can put a premium on consumer experience. They're entirely self-financed, so it has to do with making the customer happy and not shareholders. This means more flexibility to be flexible and bold, plus additional accountability to consumers.

If you're searching for stunning leather in ageless pieces for half the rate you 'd spend for a brand somewhere else, you're going to wish to check out Leatherology.

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